Ignite Your Life with Barry Meguiar is Coming to NRBTV February 3

January 22, 2019 · 

Experience joy-filled Christians telling their amazing faith sharing stories. That’s what Ignite Your Life with Barry Meguiar is all about, capturing the excitement of faith sharing Christians as role models to Ignite Christians to Ignite America with Revival.

An entirely new experience, hosted by Barry Meguiar, host of Car Crazy TV for 18 years, features people having fun explaining 'spontaneous faith sharing' along with eye-popping collector cars. The clear message is that sharing your faith at every opportunity turns every day into an adventure, and is what being a Christian is all about!

Starting February 3, tune in to Ignite Your Life with Barry Meguiar on Sundays at 11:00p ET, Thursdays at 7:30p ET, and again Saturdays at 12:30p ET.