Tell us what you'd like to see with Viewer's Choice

August 14, 2018 · 

Tell us what you'd like to see with Viewer's Choice

Viewers Choice 2018
At NRBTV, we value input from viewers like you. That's why we have a tradition we call Viewers' Choice. We ask our viewers what they want to watch. You have a voice. You have a choice.


Will you take two minutes to fill out your Viewers' Choice online ballot? Click here to get started. We genuinely want you to help shape NRBTV into a network that serves and equips the people who mean the most to us: our viewers.


When you complete your ballot, we will send you a special thank you gift (NRBTV faux-leather journal, or an NRBTV tech pouch-your choice). Don't forget to indicate your preference on your ballot!

PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham returns to NRBTV 

Dr. Jack Graham’s powerful, Bible-based preaching returns to NRBTV this Sunday.


Graham addresses relevant, everyday issues prevalent in our culture that strike a chord with audiences worldwide. You’ll learn and grow from Graham’s dynamic, straightforward message style.


Graham is the pastor of the 37,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, a noted author with numerous books, and the former President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham debuts Sunday, August 19, at 10:30a ET/9:30a CT and airs again at 7:30p ET/6:30p CT.


Tedashii - Smile
Win tickets to see Christian Hip-Hop recording artist Tedashii on Friday, Sept. 14, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


To be entered to win this set of TWO concert tickets, send an email to no later than 5p ET on Friday, August 17, with the name of Tedashii's first album.


This concert is a separately-ticketed event to the Truth for a New Generation conference featuring Alex McFarland, Josh McDowell, Michael Brown from The Line of Fire, Meeke Addison, Kamal Salem, and the host of NRBTV's Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace, on Sept. 14-15.


You can learn more about this apologetics conference and register online here.