Tell us what you'd like to see with Viewer's Choice

August 14, 2018 · 

Tell us what you'd like to see with Viewer's Choice

Viewers Choice 2018
At NRBTV, we value input from viewers like you. That's why we have a tradition we call Viewers' Choice. We ask our viewers what they want to watch. You have a voice. You have a choice.


Will you take two minutes to fill out your Viewers' Choice online ballot? Click here to get started. We genuinely want you to help shape NRBTV into a network that serves and equips the people who mean the most to us: our viewers.


When you complete your ballot, we will send you a special thank you gift (NRBTV faux-leather journal, or an NRBTV tech pouch-your choice). Don't forget to indicate your preference on your ballot!

PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham returns to NRBTV 

Dr. Jack Graham’s powerful, Bible-based preaching returns to NRBTV this Sunday.


Graham addresses relevant, everyday issues prevalent in our culture that strike a chord with audiences worldwide. You’ll learn and grow from Graham’s dynamic, straightforward message style.


Graham is the pastor of the 37,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, a noted author with numerous books, and the former President of the Southern Baptist Convention.


PowerPoint Ministries with Jack Graham debuts Sunday, August 19, at 10:30a ET/9:30a CT and airs again at 7:30p ET/6:30p CT.


Tedashii - Smile
Win tickets to see Christian Hip-Hop recording artist Tedashii on Friday, Sept. 14, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


To be entered to win this set of TWO concert tickets, send an email to info@nrbtv.org no later than 5p ET on Friday, August 17, with the name of Tedashii's first album.


This concert is a separately-ticketed event to the Truth for a New Generation conference featuring Alex McFarland, Josh McDowell, Michael Brown from The Line of Fire, Meeke Addison, Kamal Salem, and the host of NRBTV's Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace, on Sept. 14-15.


You can learn more about this apologetics conference and register online here.