Special Programming Airing in September on NRBTV

August 27, 2018 · 

Make plans to tune in September 17-20! During this week, we will be showcasing some the best programming we have to offer including thought-provoking, educational documentaries that help you learn and live God’s Word by proclaiming truth with excellence, clarity, and boldness.  Tune in each night for the following lineup:

The God Who Speaks
MON, September 17 (8p ET & 9p PT)
Is God real? Does He speak, and if so, how would we know? The God Who Speaks traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority through interviews with some of the world’s most respected biblical scholars. This film answers common objections about the Bible’s reliability and equips believers to confidently base their lives on the power of God’s Word.

Living Waters
TUES, September 18 (8p ET & 9p PT)
Photographed throughout the Pacific, Caribbean, and Atlantic oceans, and the rivers of Washington and Canada, Living Waters explores the mysteries of humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and salmon. This breathtaking documentary celebrates a timeless truth: every creature that swims, runs, flies, or crawls across our planet is the product— not of genetic accidents or blind chance— but of purpose, imagination, and design!

Jesus: Dead and Buried?
WED, September 19 (8p ET & 9p PT)
If you want to understand anything about what Christians believe, you cannot ignore the cross. Presenter, Luke Waldock, travels to Jerusalem to see the places where Jesus himself would have walked during the last few hours of his life. He sifts through the evidence – historical, medical, and theological – and he finds answers.

Adoniram and Anne Judson: Spent for God
THURS, September 20 (8p ET & 9p PT)
As the first missionaries sent abroad from the United States, Adoniram and Ann served in Burma (present day Myanmar) for decades. Suffering resistance, persecution, imprisonment, personal loss, and ill health, Adoniram and Ann’s faithfulness led to the establishment of a church that continues to flourish in the 21st century.  Experience the struggles and triumphs of these remarkable missionaries in this illuminating documentary.

We hope you will tune in nightly and tell a friend! Visit our program schedule for a complete list of programs and airtimes.