700 Club

10pm–11pm EST

Rev. Pat Robertson shares powerful and dramatic testimonies of God touching lives. The 700 Club is a mix of news and commentary, interviews, feature stories, and Christian ministry. More

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May Specials Explore the Truth of God’s Work in Our World

NRBTV presents special primetime programming May 9-12, that helps you explore the truth of God’s work in our world. Tune in each night for the following lineup of thought-provoking documentaries: In The House … Read More

NRBTV Urges FCC to Create Pathway for NCE Programming on Cable

Christian television channel NRBTV recently filed comments with the FCC, requesting that the Commission take the steps needed to provide a pathway for independent non-commercial educational (NCE) channels to be … Read More

NRBTV Urges FCC to Deny Merger of Charter, Time Warner, and Bright House

Christian television channel NRBTV recently filed comments with the FCC in opposition to the proposed merger of Charter Communications, Inc. (“Charter”), Time Warner Cable, Inc. (“TWC”), and Advance/Newhouse Partnership (“Bright … Read More

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