Roots and Reflections with Barry Segal

Far beyond the headlines and deep within the land of Israel, there are richer stories to be told. Stories about the true Israel of today—a complex, vibrant, modern, and yet very traditional place where Jews and Arabs have lived together as neighbors for three thousand years. Roots & Reflections offers you a slice of life as it is today in Israel—a land where the most dramatic events in the history of the world have unfolded. Join us as we explore the profound blessings God has bestowed upon the Land of Israel and its people. Roots & Reflections is a Vision for Israel production hosted by Barry Segal.

Barry made Aliyah from the USA and moved to Jerusalem to serve with Derek and Ruth Prince. Batya was born in an orthodox Jewish family with a Yemenite background in Jerusalem. In 1981, Barry met Batya at a Bible study, and they married in Jerusalem in 1987. Barry and Batya Segal founded Vision for Israel in 1994, as a charitable organization established to help rebuild the nation of Israel, for the physical and spiritual restoration of the people in despair living in Israel. The Segals are also internationally known speakers, worship leaders, and television hosts.

Vision for Israel is committed to helping decrease poverty rates in Israel and spreading love, truth, and healing to the people who need it the most.

The number of people living in poverty in Israel is alarming. Vision for Israel wants to change this, and effectively reach people with the love of Yeshua by meeting their physical and emotional needs in practical ways. Each Vision for Israel outreach project is purpose-driven and directly impacts our brothers and sisters in need. Together, we can rebuild Israel and the Middle East.

Vision for Israel aims to bless Israel in practical ways, restoring lives by spreading love and compassion, distributing humanitarian aid and disaster relief to those who need it most. Vision for Israel has been operating in partnership with the Israeli government and social services for over 25 years, impacting over ONE MILLION lives and decreasing poverty in Israel including holocaust survivors, victims of terror attacks, orphans and widows, and new immigrants.

Vision for Israel has also been a source of spiritual aid to the nations through VFI News which helps people from the nations stay updated on key events from Israel, learn about the situation, and pray more effectively for grace and provision where needed the most.

USA office contact info: info@visionforisrael.com, 866-351-0075, Vision for Israel, PO Box 7743, Charlotte NC 28241. Visit VFI’s website: visionforisrael.com and GET UPDATED on key events from around the world by visiting the VFI News website: vfinews.com.

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