Popular show returns and programming updates for next week!

June 7, 2024 · 

Financial Issues with Shana Burt

Beginning Monday, June 10 at 2 pm ET/1 pm CT, Financial Issues returns to NRBTV!

Financial Issues with Shana Burt is a call-in program, focusing on financial stewardship and biblically responsible investing.

Tune in weekday afternoons at 2 pm ET/ 1 pm CT, as host and financial expert, Shana Burt, speaks to thousands of listeners who are seeking to honor God with their finances.

Having been mentored by Dan Celia, Founder of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Shana along with her producer, Seth Udinski, have taken up the torch to educate listeners and viewers about the economy, markets, and investments from a biblical perspective.

New Life Live

Starting next week, New Life Liveis expanding their presence on NRBTV to now include Friday. Which means they are now airing Monday-Friday at 12 pm ET/ 11 am CT!

Join host Steve Arterburn as he identifies then compassionately responds to the needs of those seeking healing and restoration through God's Truth.

Pacific Garden Mission

Beginning next week, Pacific Garden Mission, will be airing at a new time. Tune in Fridays at 10 pm ET/ 9 pm CT!

The Pacific Garden Mission program shares unique real-life mission stories of lives changed by Jesus Christ, followed by the Gospel message, which is at the heart of our ministry. The unscripted, unrehearsed one-hour program is dramatic and concludes with a personal invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Savior.