See new programs starting this week on NRBTV!

August 13, 2021 · 

We are excited to announce new programs have been added to our lineup. They are as follows:

Bethlehem College & Seminary- Words to Live By

Do you have a ‘Life Verse?' Staff and graduates of Bethlehem College & Seminary were asked to choose a Biblical text that has been especially meaningful to them for this powerful and often poignant ten-part series: “Words to Live By.” 

Be sure to tune in for Bethlehem College & Seminary- Words to Live By, starting Saturday, August 14 at 5:30 pm ET/ 4:30 pm CT.

C.S. Lewis Institute Programs: Women's Apologetics Conference

We face many challenges in our attempts to tell others about Jesus. Mocking memes and profoundly ignorant quips on social media have shaped the beliefs of many when it comes to Christianity. But Amy Orr-Ewing and Jana Harmon remind us that truth is on our side on C.S. Lewis Institute Programs: Women's Apologetics Conference

Make plans to join us for this encouraging five part series beginning this Saturday at 7:00 pm ET/ 6:00 pm CT

Wallbuilders: Foundations of Freedom

Starting Thursday, August 19 at 8:00 pm ET/ 7:00 pm CT, rediscover the vision, passion, and wisdom of those who laid the foundation of our nation in the Foundations of Freedom series from Wallbuilders.

Join David Barton with special guests Glenn Beck, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, constitutional expert Rick Green, and law professor Dr. Carol M. Swain as they explore the America our Founding Fathers envisioned. From the formation of American law and the judicial system to biblically-based economics, science, government, and more, discover how our Founding Fathers used the Bible as a blueprint for America’s freedoms and build your faith in our nation’s future.