Viewers' Choice Special Programming Airing in November

October 28, 2016 · 

NRBTV presents special Viewers’ Choice programming throughout the month of November.  Earlier this year, we asked you which programs you wanted to see. We received overwhelming response and are excited to bring you the top four programs selected by you. Tune in on Saturday afternoons throughout the month for the following lineup:

In the House of Islam 
SAT, NOV 5 (4p ET) 
In this remarkable new video, you'll discover how, where, and why more than 80% of all the Muslim movements to Christ in all of history are taking place right now! Join Dr. Garrison and a host of renowned evangelical authorities as they open each room in the House of Islam.


Evolution's Achilles Heels

SAT, NOV 12 (4p ET)
Fifteen Ph.D. scientists expose devastating weaknesses in modern evolutionary theory. Three-D animations and dramatic footage help to show how the theory's supposed strengths are, in fact, its fatal flaws-Evolution's Achilles' Heels.


Evidence That God Exists
SAT, NOV 19 (4p ET)
Featuring Pastor Ray Comfort, this program addresses twenty life issues and frequently asked questions whose answers can be found in the Bible. It is a great introductory program to some of the most common objections about God and/or Christianity.


Proving the Bible Through Archeology
SAT, NOV 26 (4p ET)
This program digs into the growing avalanche of archaeological evidence that helps prove that The Bible -- and ONLY the Bible -- is trustworthy as God's very own Word.