NRBTV Announces Additions to Summer 2016 Lineup

June 22, 2016 · 

We are excited to announce additions to our summer programming lineup. Beginning the week of June 27th, tune in to NRBTV for these outstanding programs about apologetics and Church history:

Forum of Christian Leaders

On Fridays at 9p ET (Re-airs at 1a ET) - Returning July 1

Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus' foundational prayer in the Lord's Prayer, reflects the foundational, essential Christian life. In fact you might say that it actually guides the Christian to pray for the purposes or the mission that Jesus wants us to live. If we see the Lord's Prayer as a reflection of His heart, what treasures can we find in the Lord's Prayer?


The Protestant Revolt

Thursdays at 9:30p ET (Re-airs at 1:30a ET) - Returning July 7

Whether you are Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Nondenominational, or Roman Catholic, the modern beliefs and traditions of our varied churches stem from those Reformation events that occurred over 500 years ago. Come and learn why you stand where you stand.

Grounded: Establishing the Truth

Mondays at 7p ET (Re-airs at 12:00a ET) - Starting July 11

In this series, youth apologist, Brian Henson, teaches parents and young adults how to defend the Faith and stand firm in a Biblical worldview, despite the flood of atheism and postmodernism invading our schools.

Visit our program schedule for a complete list of programs and airtimes.