Documentary about the “Grandfather of Apologetics” to be televised April 7

March 17, 2022 · 

The new documentary film entitled “Norm Geisler: Not Qualified” is set to air on NRBTV on April 7 at 8:00 pm EST. The movie includes vintage clips of Dr. Geisler along with interviews with over 50 apologists, pastors, and ministry leaders. Dr. Geisler’s son, David, serves as narrator for the project and says the movie reveals some things about his father’s life that may surprise people.

“People may not realize my dad’s humble beginnings,” says Geisler. “He was a poor boy from Michigan who was practically illiterate until he was seventeen. The turning point in my dad’s life came during a witnessing experience, serving with the Billy Graham Youth for Christ. A drunk opened the Bible and pointed to the verse in Matthew 8:4 where Jesus healed the man of leprosy and then said, ‘Go and tell no man.’ Then the man said to my dad, ‘Now get out of here…you are not supposed to be doing this.’ After that experience, dad decided he needed to either get answers or stop witnessing. That sent him on a 20-year quest, and he says in the movie that it was only after those 20 years of study that he felt he was ready to witness. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy and became the ‘Grandfather of Apologetics.’”

The movie is being made available for churches to screen for their staffs and members. Along with every screening, churches will receive marketing materials, printable workbook and booklets, movie Q&A panel recording, four 45-minute shareable core messages to build a digital conference, as well as three self-paced memberships in the Norm Geisler Institute. Geisler says it is the goal of their ministry to extend his father’s legacy. “The book dad and I wrote together is called ‘Conversational Evangelism,’ and it sums up our ministry’s mission,” says Geisler. “We have learned that leading people to the Gospel starts with relational pre-evangelism by learning how to ask questions, listen attentively, and understand what someone believes. We help people learn to identify the real barriers to belief so that we can build a bridge of truth to unbelievers. My father used to say, ‘God wants to reach the heart, but he does not bypass the head on the way to the heart.’ The Christian faith is a reasonable faith, but we also need to exhibit compassion and understanding to truly lead people to salvation. We believe that adding apologetics and discipleship to our evangelistic efforts is the way forward to impact our culture today.”