Viewers' Choice Programming

November 9, 2017 · 

You spoke…we listened. I am excited to announce starting November 11, we will be airing programming selected by you.

Earlier this year, we asked you which programs you wanted to see. The results have been tallied and we will be airing the top four programs selected by you beginning November 11th through December 2nd. Special Viewers’ Choice programs include:

The Biology of Baroque
SAT, NOV 11 (4p ET) 
This documentary features Michael Denton who explores the amazing patterns, order, and beauty in biology that go beyond what can be explained by Darwinian evolution.  Read more…

Homosexuality and the Christian Faith
SAT, NOV 18 (4p ET)
Rosaria Butterfield was a Feminist-Atheist-Lesbian whose world collided with Christians who loved and engaged her. Now, she helps you understand and dialogue with others who need to find the freedom only Jesus provides. Read more…

Drunk in the Spirit
SAT, NOV 25 (4p ET)
Todd Friel exposes the truth about The New Apostolic Reformation and how this movement is weaving its way into your church and home. Read more…

Has Science Buried God?
SAT, DEC 2 (4p ET)
Oxford Professor and well-known apologist Dr. John Lennox addresses the battle between the worldviews of theism and materialism. Does science point toward atheism or towards God? Read more…

Thanks for helping us identify your favorite programming that challenges all of us to think deeply and live differently.


Troy Miller
President & CEO