The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

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Nearly 8,000 women from across the globe gathered for 3 days in Indianapolis, IN for The Gospel Coalition’s fourth bi-annual women’s conference entitled Listen and Live. Join us for highlights from this event. Throughout this series you will hear His words of appeal, calling us urgently to remember his faithfulness and turn from our unfaithfulness. You will hear His words of promise, spoken to rebel-hearted people like you and me. You will hear His words of instruction, pointing us to embrace the gospel of grace that shapes every aspect of our lives. You will hear his words of renewal, offering life through redemption in his Son.

Attendees enjoyed teaching from the Word . . . fellowship around the Word . . . hearing the voices of sisters living out the Word all over the world. We pray that the ripple effect of the teaching produced at this event will extend far beyond those who were there in person and will encourage people all over the world.

Watch as Kristie Anyabwile, Rosaria Butterfiled, Don Carson, Nancy Guthrie, Jackie Hill Perry, John Piper, Jen Wilkin, and many more expound key passages from Deuteronomy.

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference airs on NRBTV Mondays at 9a ET and Wednesdays at 10p ET

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