Bible Time with Tony Crisp

Bible Time is the dynamic and anointed Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Tony Crisp. For more than four decades he has been a Senior Pastor and Bible teacher in churches and Bible conferences around the world. After decades of travel, study and research on site in Israel, Dr. Crisp is known for his historical, geographical, linguistic and cultural approach to Bible study. He teaches the great Story of the Bible, God’s Story of Redemption with a Prophet’s edge and Pastor’s heart; explaining complex Biblical truths so everyone can understand.

Dr. Crisp is the founder of True Life Concepts Ministry, formed to create and develop a movement to bring Evangelical Christians back to their Hebraic/Judaic roots and to teach church leadership and congregations how to study the Bible in its historical, geographical, linguistic and cultural context.

As a pastor, he has served on various committees and boards at every level of Southern Baptist denominational life. Dr. Crisp served 6 years on the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for Carolina University, Winston-Salem, NC.

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