Bible Idiots in The PrairieLand

From the film Bible Idiots comes a new series answering the question “Are we idiots for believing the Bible, or would we be idiots not to?”  Join Chris & Emilee Danielson along side Duck Dynasty’s Al & Lisa Robertson. Topics range from Christianity & culture to the accuracy & authority of God’s Word.

Chris has over 35-years in broadcasting and media, is also a seminary trained teacher/public speaker. The last five years has been in film, as his debut director effort Bible
Idiots merged stand up comedy and bible apologetics.

Emilee has been an accomplished speaker and presenter for more than fifteen years. As well as co-hosting the co-hosting
the Chris and Emilee show for 15+ years, she wrote and produced the full length documentary Bible Idiots that featured comedy from both Chris and their son Jacob.

Chris & Emilee are trying to break thru the clutter of the podcast space. People can subscribe for free wherever they get podcast content - Just search “Bible Idiots."

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