1PL8 Kitchen

30 minute cooking show that is different, their mission is revolutionary in that they will challenge the status quo and prevent at-risk people from becoming ill and help chronically ill people stabilize their conditions, while respecting the cultural diversity we have in food. At-risk consumers suffer from illness like Type 2 diabetes, Stroke, Heart disease, High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, some cancers, and depression, which can lead to costly (and avoidable) health claims. They are professional chefs and skilled educators that are experts in food and culinary techniques. They believe education and empowerment at the family or individual level is critical to free consumers from pharmaceutical companies. The power of food can reverse and prevent chronic illness, so we strive to serve the whole person–Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Chef Rich is a former United States Marine and graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. He is the author of the book “Food is Our Greatest Medicine” revolutionizing the way Americans view food. He is inspiring, educating and leading the movement, that we can live healthier lives, through our food. The introduction of his 3 core values and his 5 B’s of healthy eating delivers an easy, unique, fun, educational and engaging health and wellness show.

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